Protecting Your Land

Protecting Your Land

Permanent legal protection

The only way you can be assured that the conservation values of your land will remain protected forever is to create a permanent legal arrangement. UPLC can help you accomplish this.

We will work with you to develop a conservation easement that stays with the land in perpetuity, or we can create a preserve on land that you donate.

A customized approach for each property

We craft each protection instrument to maximize the unique characteristics of each land owner and tract of land.


The Three Most Common Options:

Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between you and a land conservancy which places permanent restrictions on the land use.  These restrictions are in place to protect the conservation values of the property.

Each easement’s restrictions are tailored to the particular property and to the interests of the individual owner, whether you want to be able to protect your riverbank and still hunt- or if you would rather  An easement is a practical way for you to protect your property and still retain ownership, including the right to sell, donate, or bequeath the land.

Our Oriana Creek Easement is a highly impacted urban river corridor that we are working to restore alongside the owners.  This is a good example of the diversity of lands that we protect!

Donated Land

There are many ways we can work with donated land; if you are able to provide a stewardship fund to cover monitoring, trail building, etc, we may want to create a preserve that is open to the public for enjoyment.  Or we may sell the land and hold an easement over it-this way, the proceeds will go into our Forever Fund and general expenses and we will still ensure the land is protected. 

The Tory’s Woods Preserve is an excellent example of what we can do with donated land! 233 acres were donated in 2014 to protect this beautiful area that is open to passive, low-impact activities such as hiking and wildlife photography..

Working Forest Reserves

Land with little ‘high priority’ conservation value can be used as a working forest reserve. We utilize the resources of these lands in a sustainable and restorative way, whether through timber harvesting or leasing the land for sustainable agricultural practices. The proceeds from these harvests support our day-to-day operations and allow us to plan ahead for future acquisitions. 

Our Debelak Reserve is a delightful property with a variety of desirable timber. We have been selectively harvesting using the”Expanding Gap” silivcultural method, which allows for biodiversity restoration and an improvement of bird and wildlife habitat.