Vielmetti-Peters Conservation Reserve

CDBurnett-2016-02-13-037-7The Vielmetti-Peters Conservation Reserve

Your new favorite place for a walk in the woods

The Vielmetti-Peters Conservation Reserve is a 123-acre working forest with nearly four miles of trails for visitors to explore, just on the edge of the City of Marquette. The Reserve boasts an incredibly diverse ecosystem in a small area, featuring small waterfalls at the confluence of the Wood and Spring Creeks on their way to the nearby Dead River. There are three loops of the trail system that will take you “Over the River and Through the Woods” in a variety of terrain and trail types.

Download a trail map and brochure here!vielmetti-peters-trail-sign-map

The Vielmetti-Peters Reserve is part of our sustainable forestry program–working with the land means more than just cutting down all of the trees for the highest profit margin, though. To us, forestry is a way of rehabilitating areas that may have once been clear cut as a way to improve biodiversity, promote resiliency, plan for climate change. We are working with two foresty consultants to ensure that our selective harvests are done in a responsible manner that ensures productivity for the future. The Reserve is one of 25 Conservation Reserves owned by UPLC across 12 counties that helps restore ecological systems across the Upper Peninsula as well as supporting UPLC’s mission to protect Land Today for Life Tomorrow.

UPLC has been working with Kathy Peters for years as we have been working out the best way to honor her wishes for the property. She generously allowed us to host the three inaugural “Over the River and Through the Woods” 5k trail and snowshoe races at the Reserve while we were still working on an agreement and management plan and we plan to continue hosting races, snowshoe hikes, and ecological literacy events throughtout the year on this amazing property. Take a look at our events page and follow us on Facebook @uplandconservancy and sign up for our e-newsletter to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date announcements on events at the Reserve!


The Reserve is open for passive recreation (no motors, please!) during daylight hours. Please exercise your pets elsewhere in respect of the many animals who call this place home and stay on marked trails. Do not harvest or remove any features of the Reserve, whether natural or manmade artifacts. Non-firearm hunting is allowed with written permission from UPLC: Please contact us at (906) 225-8067 to arrange hunting permissions. If you’d like to bring a group out for a hike, we would love to hear about it, and would be happy to provide guidance or information prior to your trip.



To get to the Vielmetti-Peters Reserve from Marquette, take US41 N towards Negaunee and take a right at the light for Brickyard Road, towards PetSmart. Instead of heading into the parking lot, take an immediate left to continue on Brickyard Road and travel approximately 1/4 mile to the end of Brickyard Road. You’ll see a sign and a county turn-around there. Park on the pavement and continue on the two-track 1/2 mile across private property to access the Reserve.


Are you wondering about how to protect your land forever? Have you considered the benefits of an easement or a donation? We would be pleased to talk with you more about the simple steps you can take to protect your land forever. Click here to learn more about our process and then call us at (906) 225-8067 to learn more today.