Come work outside with us! 

Summer Volunteer Activities
with UPLC

Get hands-on protecting the land

RSVPs deeply appreciated but not necessary unless specified

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Trail Tending Thursdays
Every Third Thursday from 4-6:30, locations vary

Each month we invite you to come out with us to hike on a different trail and make sure it is safe and in good shape for use by the community. We think of it as a trail check-up! We’ll put in a couple good hours once a month making sure the pathways are clean and clear and that information is clearly visible at trail-heads. Bring your favorite trail tools–rakes will be a big one! shovel, loppers, weed whacker, hammer and nails, etc. If you can’t get there right at 4, no worries, get there when you can and start down the trail, we’ll leave signs for you about where we’re headed.

Prior to each Trail Tending Thursday, we’ll send out a details email to our volunteers email list–make sure you sign up for that list by clicking here and make sure that “volunteering” is selected in your interests! You can also check our public events calendar here or call (906)225-8067 for details.

November Trail Tending on the 14th- Tory’s Woods! 

Meet at Tory’s Woods Trailhead at 4 on October 24th for a check through of the outer loop trails! Loppers, hand saws and rakes highly recommended – we’re likely to meet up with some smaller trees that have blown down with the high winds this week.

Indian Lake Trail Building Volunteers Needed on November 22nd!

I can’t begin to contain my excitement about this project.

We’ve recently acquired an additional 154 acres which expand our Indian Lake Complex–and the new acquisition is going to make public access to this gorgeous wilderness area a whole lot better! Join us as we build in the new trails, install early directional signage, and prep the trail in advance of our connection to Craig Lake State Park in the Spring!

If you’re interested in this project, please contact Brian directly by emailing or calling the office. We’ll be in contact with you to discuss timing and details once we have our crew together!

Looking for volunteer projects for your group, friends, co-workers, or your self?

Give us a call–there’s more work to be done, and we’d love to work with you!

Some ideas for creative volunteering: 

  • Adopt a trail system with your group: Pledge to come out on a monthly or quarterly (or whatever) basis to walk the full trail system and make sure that it’s clean, safe, and in good repair for other visitors. We’ll train you in on our procedures and may have some supplies for you!
  • Call us up for a special work day: You have a youth group, a staff bonding day, etc? You betcha we have a project for you all. Like I said, all kinds of work to be done out there, and we can get more of it done in less time with you help.
  • Join a committee: You or a group! Four committees each meet once a month, all on Tuesday evenings
    • First Tuesday of the month: fundraising and outreach 5:30 at the Crib
    • Second Tuesday of the month: Board Meetings, 7pm at the office
    • Third Tuesdays: Finances and Fun–at the office at 5:30!
    • Fourth Tuesdays: Stewardship, acquisitions and planning trails, etc. 7pm at the office
  • Looking to volunteer your skills for personal growth? We’re likely able to help with that, too! We need folks with web skills, database design, editing, consulting,  trail building…you name it. Just give me a call and I’ll see how we can mutually benefit one another.

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