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Field season means fun outdoor stuff like trail maintenance, sign installation, property monitoring, and leading hikes and events.  If you have any of those skills, we need you!

If you’re interested in office organization systems, helping us host events, addressing and stamping envelopes (woo!), systematically tagging photos and the like, get a hold of us! We’d love to have you hang out in the office with us or to give you something to fidget with while you watch a movie at home!

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October 19: Vielmetti-Peters Trail Maintenance and Interpretive Sign Installation

We are hosting a trail work day on October 19 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. UPLC has partnered with NMU’s new Conservation Crew, and we’d love any additional help we can get! We’ll meet at the Reserve (end of Brickyard Rd.) and we’ll be “winterizing” the trail, as well as installing signs and performing basic trail maintenance. Please bring your own tools if you have them!

Tory’s Woods Interpretive Sign Installation and Trail signing:

TBD, likely early fall. Signs are still in progress (got an eye for design? Let me know if you want to help edit!)

Specific non-field volunteer opportunities:

-Proofreading and editing publications! UPLC is always rolling out lots of new outreach materials. Interpretive signage on hiking trails, informational handouts and brochures,  and newsletters all need to be triple-checked before being released into the wild.

Est. Time required: varies based on publication (and how much coffee was consumed prior to writing). Requires MS Word; PDF reader or Publisher preferred but not necessary.