Worth Of An Acre

What is one acre of land worth?

Not in terms of real estate sales or timber value.

I’m asking about the trail through the woods you return to in every season, knowing the smell of the cedar, the feeling of white pine branches brushing past your arms as you step out onto the shore of the lake, and the sound of the wind over the water will still be there each time.

What is each acre of protected land that you love worth to you?

It takes UPLC about $20 per acre per year to ensure that the experience of hiking around a sphagnum bog and feeling hundreds of years of moss under your feet will be available for coming generations. And that’s not counting the value of more than 1,400 hours of volunteer work that went into projects this year!

It’s time to ask yourself right now what the 6,000 acres that UPLC protects are worth to you, and adopt an acre today. We can’t protect these lands for the future without your help.

Can You  adopt an acre for the year?

Will you protect 10 acres in 2018 with a donation of $200? 50 acres for one year with a donation of $1,000?

Adopt an acre and we’ll pinpoint the acre(s) that you are responsible for, and add them to this map for the whole year–with your name, or the name of a loved one in whose honor you are giving. If you’d like to give in honor of someone, send an email to uplc@uplandconservancy.org with the name(s) and we’ll take care of it from there!

We’ll even send you a certificate to display with pride, naming you (or the name of your choice that you’ve provided in an email) as the Protector of the Land and indicating the coordinates of the specific acres you protect.

If you protect more than 40 acres, we’ll hike out with you next summer to take a picture of you with the specific acres of land that you’re protecting.

Click here to donate and adopt your acres now!