Exciting Progress for the Proposed Dead River Community Forest!

Film Planned to Promote Dead River Community Forest Project!

Last week, Deke and Kevin Ludwig, brothers and film-making team with Heart of the Lakes, worked long hours with UPLC staff and volunteers to capture the essence of the Dead River Community Forest project in film.

We spent about 72 hours scaling cliffs, scrambling over rocks, wading in muck, swimming by waterfalls, paddling canoes, mountain biking, tromping through the woods without trails, and listening to inspiring stories from people who are excited about what the DRCF will mean to the community of Marquette and the visitors to the area….all with camera equipment!

We hope that as we move along with the process of acquiring these 181 acres of impressive forest on the edge of town, we will be able to use the film Deke produces to help the community fall in love with the resource that will soon be available to them. Our goal was for people who watch the film to feel like they know the DRCF without having gone there–after all, the DRCF tells the story of most natural places in the UP.

It’s a place full of history, with direct connections to the mining and logging booms. It’s a place that has been considered a given part of the landscape around us–of course there’s a vast forest next to the shopping centers. It’s also a place that is changing–it’s slated for development and surrounded by ever-expanding parking lots.

It’s also a place of hope and a place where we want the community to be able to envision our future together. A way to move forward into a new era of living together in conjunction with the natural world around us.

Big, big thanks to Deke, Kevin, Heart of the Lakes, UPEC for the grant that allows extra staff time for this project, and to our volunteers and support crews the last week! Jeremiah, Alyssa and Kim, Kathy, Chris, John and Chelsea, and everyone who hiked through the rain on Saturday–you all are amazing. THANK YOU for your help!

Keep tuned in for more updates about this video and for updates on the Dead River Community Forest!


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