Bayou Boardwalk


You helped us raise $7,220 in less than a

month specifically to build a boardwalk.


All 44 sections of boardwalk and three benches have been funded! 

Were you hoping you could still help out with the Bayou Boardwalk Project? There’s still a way!

We still need a few things to get the trails and parking lot ready for visitors in the spring, and any donation of more than $100 towards one of these projects will be recognized with a name plaque also:

Northern Michigan University’s Center For Native American Studies is helping us design some interpretive signage! We’ve got the designs and are working on editing them–we’re currently estimating about $800-$1,000 for six panels and the materials needed to install the signs.

A small floating dock for paddlers to land on the point will cost us about $300, and we’d be happy to put your name of choice on it!

Gravel for the parking lot will cost a significant amount-we’ll need your help to purchase that, though we haven’t gotten a quote yet. Keep your ears open for specifics in the fall!

You can become a member of the UPLC for the same price as a section of boardwalk–or give a gift membership.  Either way, that will pay for all the staff time that will go into building the boardwalk that you support.

Give the Gift of the Bayou Today!