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When you give to UPLC, you support 11 nature preserves, help manage over 1,600 acres of climate change mitigation focused forest restoration projects, maintain nearly 20 miles of trails, and ensure that more than 3,000 acres of private land will be protected in a natural state forever, even while the landowner uses it. UP Land Conservancy now protects more than nine square miles of land in the UP with your help – that’s an area the size of the City of Ishpeming!

As this organization enters our 21st year of protecting land in the Upper Peninsula, we have been thinking about the concept of “being at the headwaters” as a guiding point; the concept applies to you and your gift, too. When we act to protect land, we are looking both at the present and into the future to the communities touched by the nature preserves and restoration projects we take on. Each action flows downstream – and when nearly 20% of the world’s freshwater is impacted by the health of the land in the Upper Peninsula, the whole world is downstream from us. Here in the headwaters, we can watch each tiny decision to preserve, restore, or develop flow into the future, changing history for others as it goes. It is our mission to take actions that we, and future generations, cherish in hindsight.

By joining UPLC at the headwaters, you are sending drops downstream that honor the past and promise a high quality of life for generations to come.