Giving Land



Give the Gift of Protected Land in the UP!


Give the gift of wild, protected Upper Peninsula land this holiday season


Land Today is Life Tomorrow!

It’s the Love of Land – Particularly the love of the wild lands of the Upper Peninsula- that brings members and supporters of the UP Land Conservancy together and unites us in our mission.

We all have our own unique love stories, as diverse as the people who tell them and as important as the land they love.

You may have been hearing stories lately about our love of the Chocolay Bayou Nature Preserve. Like a good romance novel, we fell in love with this property while it belonged to someone else. We saw an opportunity in this property to meet the needs of the community for a place to set aside for education, to create a community place to step into nature’s serenity even in the middle of two bustling, growing towns. You helped us acquire the property, and we can’t stop talking about this preserve. It’s become an essential part of our daily life and we’ve built a community and a routine that focuses on maintaining our relationship with this land. It’s been a beautiful journey.

But there’s a problem. Several Problems, actually.

There are no signs to tell you that you’re on the right trail.

          There is no boardwalk to take you through the muck in order to see the most beautiful areas of the Preserve.

                       There is no place to park or sit while you hike.

                                  One trail needs to be built entirely, trash needs to be removed, and signs need to be designed and planted…

And I bet you can guess why that’s the case, can’t you?  

We need YOUR help to take care of the Chocolay Bayou Nature Preserve and other lands that we steward!

Start off this holiday season by giving the gift of land protection.

You can take part in UPLC’s mission to take care of the land that we protect, and ensure that you will have clearly marked trails when you visit the places you love. Give the gift of land protection today buy donating an amount of money that can be used to steward land far into the future–for example, in the menu below you can buy your loved one a pair of loppers for $75–We’ll use that money to buy loppers that we will use again and again on all of our trail projects and YOU can be a part of the trail clearing in the spring without needing to bring your own equipment. Purchasing trail markers below will prevent us from having to spend money on cheap flagging tape that gets lost in the woods after a race. You  get the picture.  Giving the gift of land stewardship shows that you give for the love of land, and in doing so you are giving the gift of nature to those who love the land. 

So this year, share your love story with us.  Use #ForTheLoveofLand on social media and tell us your story.  Give the gift of protected, wild, UP land this holiday season by donating below or consider joining the UPLC as a sustaining member here.


Give the Gift Of…

Your donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a certificate to give to your loved one as a way for you to show that you’ve honored their love of the land through this gift.