AuTrain Bay Yurt Vacation Auction

Congratulations to the winners of the Weekend Getaway

on Au Train Bay!

Wouldn’t you like to fall asleep listening to that sound?

autrain-bay-2015-3As soon as you park car at the end of the road, you’ll be able to feel the constant rush of your daily city life fall from your shoulders. Grab your packs and step down into the woods along a thin trail, through a dense hemlock stand whose breathing silence will surround you. A new sound will greet you further along the path–waves. Emerging into the camp opening, you’ll feel transported to a new phase of life, a different manner of living. The serenity of the woods will be with you as you settle in for a peaceful weekend.

We recently auctioned a stay at Conservation Easement Donors Brock and Jane’s yurt camp on the Au Train Bay and raised $400 towards the protecting properties like theirs across the UP! We will likely hold other fundraisers at the Au Train Bay camp in the future, so keep your ears open!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    au-train-bay-2014-10autrain-bay-2015-10

Brock and Jane own a 20-acre camp about a half hour outside of Marquette on the shore of Lake Superior, with two low-ecological-footprint yurts that their family has enjoyed for years.