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Gifts With Meaning

The holiday season can sometimes be challenging when you are trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that show the magnitude of your love and gratitude. By giving them a gift with meaning, it shows how deeply you care. This holiday season, UPLC has a couple of gift ideas to help you cherish your loved ones while helping support UPLC’s mission, and in turn, helping us help the community by protecting critical areas in the Upper Peninsula.


Adopt an Acre Program

By adopting an acre of land in someone else’s name, it will help us foster a piece of forest that will express your love for hundreds of years while thriving and growing. (And not to mention helping protect our Upper Peninsula forests from development.)


Purchase UPLC Apparel

Another great way is to gift your family or friends a hat or shirt with our logo on it and help them stay warm and cozy during our harsh winters. All proceeds from our UPLC merchandise goes directly back into promoting healthy ecosystems and communities. The online shop will be open for pre-order until November 30th, 2021. Pre-orders will be sent out after shop closes and will arrived within 10 business day- just in time for the holidays!


Donate in Honor or Memory

And lastly, making a direct donation in someone else’s name to UPLC is perhaps the simplest way to support the people in your life, and our organization. When making a donation make sure to click "Dedicate This Gift" before continuing.

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Any gifts we receive are greatly appreciated and we are eternally grateful for contributions and community support in all shapes and forms. How are you going to give this year?

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