Want to get involved or learn more about how you can help? Submit a volunteer form here!

  • Adopt a trail: Pledge to come out on a monthly or quarterly (or whatever suits you) basis to walk the full trail system and make sure that it’s clean, safe, and in good repair for other visitors. We’ll train you in on our procedures and may have some supplies for you!

  • Call us up for a special work day: You have a youth group, a staff bonding day, etc? You betcha we have a project for you all. Like I said, all kinds of work to be done out there, and we can get more of it done in less time with you help. We can probably still make it happen while adhering to social distancing protocol!

  • Join a committee: You or a group! Four committees each meet once a month, all on Tuesday evenings – all meetings are currently held via Google Meet due to COVID-19​

    • First Tuesday of the month: Fundraising & Outreach, 5:30

    • Second Tuesday of the month: Board Meetings, 7:00

    • Third Tuesdays: Finances and Fun – 5:30

    • Fourth Tuesdays: Stewardship, acquisitions and planning trails, etc. 7:00

  • Looking to volunteer your skills for personal growth? We’re likely able to help with that, too! We need folks with web skills, database design, editing, consulting, trail building…you name it. Just give me a call and I’ll see how we can mutually benefit one another.