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Collaborate with conservation experts around the world through our webinar portal. 

Afternoon Light

Forest Forensics: Ghosts on the Landscape 2022 

Learn about Michigan's geologic and climatic history in this webinar. 

Proforestation—Secrets of the Carbon Capture Forest 2022 

Presentation by: Steve Waller

Most people have heard that forests capture CO2 but how much CO2 does a tree absorb and for how long? How can we best use forests to reduce the impact of global warming? What is the best way today to create and manage forests for maximum CO2 capture? Learn about these "complicated" topics and more in Steve Waller's presentation. 

Instructor Disclosure: Steve Waller is an independent presenter who is not affiliated with UPLC and whose views may not necessarily reflect those of UPLC.

Forest Forensics: Ghosts on the Landscape 2021 

Learn about Michigan's geologic and climatic history in this webinar. This was the introductory prelude to an in-person event.

2020 Forest Forensics: Ghosts on the Landscape 

A Three Part Educational Series in Partership with MSU Extension

Part 1

Michigans Climatic and Geologic History 

The first installation the the three part series explores the past and present ecosystems of Michigan, and how geological aspects play a part in our forests history. 

Part 2

Historic Human Influences

The second part covers information on Michigan's human history, how early Native  Americans and Europeans interacted with the environment, and the changes that came to our forests as a result. 

Part 3

Forest Forensics

The third part focuses on identifying clues of the history of a forest, the seminar being led by Tom Wessels, author of Forest Forensics: A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape. 


Want to take an opportunity to explore the outdoors and get to know the plants, trees, and and critters, while contributing to local community science efforts? Watch the videos below, or visit the BioBlitz website directly to learn more. 

The first part in the BioBlitz series, an intro to some of the most prominent organizations involved, and introducing all the exciting subjects you can learn about through this webinar series. 

The  second part of the webinar series, this video dives into pollinating insects, how to tell the difference between bees and wasps, and how important they are to the environment. 

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