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Broken Trunk

Join Our Team 

Board of Directors

You can make a lasting impact on the future of the U.P.
Share your perspective and skills with UPLC's passionate team of conservationists as we work to preserve Land Today for Life Tomorrow.

You can learn more about UPLC and our Board by reading our posting.

Questions? Call the UPLC Office at 906-225-8067 or email us at

What Will You Bring to UPLC's Team (Select all that apply)

UPLC's Board typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.  Could you attend in-person or virtually at that time? 

Are you willing to serve for at least one 3-year term?

Actions and direction of the organization are the responsibility of the Board and votes on proposals and actions are regularly required. Will you respect the Board's consensus decision-making process?

Are you willing to participate in training and education regarding objectives and policies of the Conservancy including reading the By­Laws?

Are you willing to help raise funds for UPLC, through whatever avenue you feel most comfortable (such as meetings or phone calls with donors, organizing events, engaging in program offerings, or making a donation)?

Most of the Board's work happens within committees. Select any committees you'd be interested in serving on

Thank you!

We’ll be in touch.

Thank you for Your Interest!

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