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As their name suggests, preserves keep the land in a natural state by restricting commercial activities and allowing the environment to grow and change at its own pace.


Donating land fully to the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy provides us with multiple options for conservation. Depending on the land's natural characteristics, we can decide together to create a conservation preserve that is open to the public for recreation such as hiking and photography, or to set aside a wilderness headwater that protects the larger watershed and health of the community. UPLC currently protects and manages 9 Preserves,  permanently set aside for Nature to manage.


Tory’s Woods Preserve is an excellent example of what we can do with donated preserves! The Preserve protects 233 acres of an absolutely beautiful forest area within easy driving distance of Marquette. There are currently three marked trails on the Preserve, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful hike learning about natural forest

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