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Conservation easement

The over 3,000 acres of land UPLC protects with Conservation Easements are a testament to our community’s deep love of the wild land we have in the UP.

Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy protects 26 unique conservation easements, from small Lake Superior shoreline properties in Grand Marais, deer camps near Escanaba, to large tracts of untouched forestland in the Huron Mountains.

What's an easement?

An easement is a practical method for permanently protecting your property while still retaining ownership, including the right to sell, donate, or bequeath the land. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between you and a land conservancy that places permanent restrictions on land use.  These restrictions are in place to protect what we call the “conservation values” of the property: things like the deep woods, the shoreline, the wetlands.  The role of the land conservancy is to ensure that legal restrictions and stewardship rules are being upheld by the landowner.

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unique & diverse

Each “CE” is tailored to the particular property, and we strive to accommodate the interests and goals of the individual owner(s).  Conservation easements are unique and diverse. For example, some UPLC-held easements allow landowners to farm, conduct sustainable timber management, and/or maintain buildings on the easement property. Other easements do not allow for these activities and protect the property as a wilderness, based on the vision of the original landowners.


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