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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has received increasing national attention as both a recreational paradise and a refuge amongst a changing climate. Because of this, new economic drivers have emerged such as recreational tourism, second-home owners, and remote workers. We are faced with not only the dual challenges of protecting the remaining wild places and restoring areas that have been severely impacted by the industrial movements, but we are also now faced with rapidly changing land uses, demographics, and climate.

The UP Land Conservancy is addressing those challenges with a three-pronged strategy focused on connection

1) Connect Contiguous Land

Connect protected lands together to create or maintain contiguous corridors 

Photo credit: Wilderness Mindset


 Connect people with people on the land through land-based education and outdoor recreation opportunities

2) Connect People with one another

Connect people with people on the land through land-based education and recreation opportunities.

3) Connect People with the Land

Connect people with the land by protecting lands that are most important to our communities and providing meaningful opportunities to participate in their stewardship

Goals and Objectives

UPLC's mission, vision, and values are woven into the goals and objectives of our Strategic Plan. It will guide our focus and priorities over the coming years as we aim to bridge the gap between conservation challenges and opportunities across the Upper Peninsula. We are encountering an ever-growing need to accelerate our conservation efforts— we will meet this call by strengthening our current operations, expanding our programming, and deepening our engagement with all facets of our community. 
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