interactive map

The map includes all current UPLC properties. Click on individual icons for more information about each property, and zoom in to view boundaries of the properties that are open to public use. A legend describing the different icons can be found below. Yellow stars indicate sponsors for our ongoing 

Adopt-an-Acre fundraising program. If you’d like to see your name up there or honor someone you know with a donation in their name, donate today!

Please keep in mind when visiting Preserves and Reserves during the COVID-19 outbreak – these properties are open for safe and responsible recreation within CDC guidelines and posted rules. Please observe social distancing guidelines and do not congregate on the trails.


Map Key


(icon: orange balloons)

Areas that we hold for the benefits they provide to the community, whether they help clean our water, provide recreation opportunities, or otherwise. 


(icon: teal trees)

Parcels of land that we actively manage, in a manner that promotes habitat restoration and with a plan created to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Conservation Easements

(icon: green diamonds)

Permanent gifts of development rights which allow landowners to permanently protect land while still retaining ownership and use of the land. ​

Available Conservation Buyer Program Land

 (icon: yellow $)

A donor gifts a parcel of land with both conservation and real estate value to the UPLC with the intent for it to be put into this program, and we sell that property to a conservation-minded buyer with a conservation easement on it. Learn more about our Available Conservation Buyers Program here.