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In the Field- Stewardship and Monitoring Season

This time of year is a busy season for Stewardship staff balancing time out in the field while still cranking away behind our desks. We’re out and about making use of good weather, blooming plants, and singing birds! Staff and volunteers visit the lands UPLC manages and protects primarily in the summer and fall months to monitor changes, record ecological observations, and to ensure recreational use is safe and sustainable.

To make monitoring easier and more effective, UPLC continues to utilize remote satellite imagery analysis along with a cohort of other land trusts across the nation, thanks to a grant from the Land Trust Alliance. This year, UPLC will be serving as a leader and mentor to other land trusts across the nation as they embark on their journey to integrate new remote monitoring technology into their stewardship practices.

UPLC stewardship staff and volunteers will also be spending time this year at the recently established Mike Dempsey Memorial Preserve, to map out possible spur trails that will branch off of the North Country Trail that runs through the property. Check out our website for more information on the Preserve.

We have lots of area to cover across the Upper Peninsula and that is why I am thrilled to have Emilyn, our Stewardship Intern, as the newest member of the UPLC team (you can learn more about Emilyn below).

The critical work to permanently protect Upper Peninsula ecosystems and biodiversity does not end here. Please consider donating to support UPLC’s mission to protect and steward conservation lands in perpetuity. We truly could not do it without you—thank you.

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