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Donor advised funds - an easy way to give back

Thank you so much to Mark and Christine Troudt for using their donor advised fund to support this incredibly generous gift! This fund is run by the Community Foundation of Marquette County (CFMC), and makes giving to a non profit easier than ever. Donations like this help us protect land for generations to come!

From the article:

""The Troudts are an excellent example of how you can support the things you care about and positively impact the future of our community through the Community Foundation," said UPLC Executive Director Andrea Denham. She explained, “The Troudt’s generous gift through their donor advised fund at the Community Foundation brought UPLC several strides closer to completing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make recreational access to a natural paradise, the Dead River Community Forest, a permanent part of our community.”

Of their gift, Mark Troudt said, “We love the outdoors: Flora, fauna, everything. The more pristine, the better.” He continued, “This is a good opportunity to preserve a wonderful piece of property close to the city that would certainly be developed otherwise. This is an opportunity to keep it as it is — for local people to enjoy it as it is, now and in the future.”

Donor advised funds enable individuals to combine their charitable giving with robust tax and investment-planning benefits. They also offer donors a simple and flexible way to streamline their charitable giving. Donors make a gift to establish the fund and then remain actively involved in suggesting grants from the fund to the nonprofit organizations they wish to support. With donor advised funds, donors may contribute cash, appreciated stock, real estate, or other financial or business assets."

Read the full article and learn more about donor advised funds here:

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