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UPLC Renews Accreditation!

One thing that unites us as a nation is land: Americans strongly support saving the natural spaces they love. Since 1999, U.P. Land Conservancy (UPLC) has been doing just that for the people of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Now UPLC has announced its renewal of land trust accreditation - proving once again that, as part of a network of over 450 accredited land trusts across the nation, it is committed to conservation excellence.

"Renewing our accreditation shows UPLC's ongoing commitment to permanent land conservation in the U.P.," said Hannah, UPLC’s Administrative and Communications Manager. "We are a stronger organization than ever for having gone through the rigorous accreditation renewal process. Our strength means special places - such as the Dead River Community Forest - will be protected forever."

U.P. Land Conservancy provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence in UPLC’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in land conservation. Accredited land trusts now steward over 20 million acres - the size of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

UP Land Conservancy currently protects and stewards land across 11 counties of the Upper Peninsula. In 2022, UPLC expanded the organization’s protection by over 180 acres and 3 miles of riverfront with the acquisition of the Dead River Community Forest. In 2023, UPLC offered numerous educational programs which connected hundreds of people to the outdoors through hikes and special events such as the Art Walk at the Chocolay Bayou and youth owl pellet dissection workshop in partnership with Peter White Public Library. Additionally, UPLC raised over $120,000 to launch a capacity building campaign, which unlocked a 1:1 matching grant from the Carls Foundation to accelerate conservation efforts across the region. In 2024, UPLC has an extraordinary opportunity to receive another matching grant from the foundation if the Conservancy reaches a fundraising goal of $130,000.

"We are proud to recognize Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy's continued commitment to conservation excellence," said Melissa Kalvestrand, executive director of the Commission. "The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction that stands for excellence, trust and permanence. UPLC is part of a network of over 450 accredited land trusts that are united by their strong ethical practices. Accredited land trusts inspire confidence and respect among their peers and in their communities."

U.P. Land Conservancy is one of 1,281 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance's most recent National Land Trust Census. A complete list of accredited land trusts and more information about the process and benefits can be found at

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