YOU helped us raise the full purchase price before our original closing date!!! Together, we raised $154,000 in just three short months--WOW!!! THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to your generosity, we are continuing to move forward on the purchase.  While we did not close on May 9th as we hoped, we have asked for an extension in order to complete the necessary survey and expect to receive that within one to two months.  We do not expect any difficulties in this final leg of the process, so keep checking back here or sign up for our email updates to get the news as soon as we have it! 


The UPLC has been working since 1999 to conserve and protect the land of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to ensure sustainable management for generations to come.  With your help, we now protect nearly 6,000 acres in the Upper Peninsula, with 10 dedicated Preserves, 23 experimental working forest reserves, and 19 conservation easements with partnering organizations and private land owners. Our latest newsletter can be found in the "news and publications" tab.


Thank you for helping protect land today for life tomorrow!