We are 99% of the way to reaching our goal of raising $154,000 before May 9th in order to purchase a 14-acre tract between Marquette and Harvey, to set aside as a public preserve. The Chocolay Bayou Preserve Project is a collaborative effort supported by more than twenty local and national organizations--an effort to protect, forever, the history and ecology of this exceptional area. As our towns continue to expand, the importance of creating spaces for the community like the Chocolay Bayou Preserve grows as well. The Bayou is already a popular fishing and birding area and is bordered by the North Country National Scenic Trail and Iron Ore Heritage Trail. A boardwalk along with bird watching and historical interpretive trails in the works!  We only need around $1,500 more to purchase the property, with the additional need of about $20,000 to steward the property (build trails, ensure a budget is available to care for the property in perpetuity, etc.).  

Please, make the Chocolay Bayou a part of your legacy--donate or pledge today! 

The UPLC has been working since 1999 to conserve and protect the land of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to ensure sustainable management for generations to come.  With your help, we now protect nearly 6,000 acres in the Upper Peninsula, with 10 dedicated Preserves, 23 experimental working forest reserves, and 19 conservation easements with partnering organizations and private land owners. Our latest newsletter can be found in the "news and publications" tab.


Thank you for helping protect land today for life tomorrow!